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When we were kings Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman.

When we were kings documentary of the 1974 heavyweight championship fight is one of the finest boxing movies ever made. It chronicles the “rumble in the jungle” from far before the fight to after with interviews with Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Don King, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, Spike Lee and others. From the moment Ali leaves the u.s. via plane en route to Africa his charisma is on display. We get to see how the African public reacts to Ali and foreman differently and why. There is exclusive footage of both men during their workouts leading up to the fight, including discussion of their styles and plans to destroy the other fighter.But not only is when we were kings about the actual fight and preparation but about a culture. The movie does a magnificent job of capturing the spirit of the African people and all of those people involved in the fight behind the scenes.
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There is a huge music festival to create even more publicity for the fight that features the likes of The Spinners, B.B. King, James Brown and more. The artists come to Africa to play for the people and the footage is excellent.The dvd does not contain the entire George Foreman / Muhammad Ali fight, however. George Plimpton and Norman Mailer narrate the fight footage included and the way they do it really is better than just watching the entire original fight as it adds so much insight from eyewitnesses and ties the whole visit to Zaire into the final product that is the fight.
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I definitely have to recommend When we were kings to both boxing fans, fans of the actual fighters involved or someone wanting to learn about the atmosphere of blacks in the mid-70’s era. Even if you saw the fight live on television when it happened this movie will expand the whole experience for you.
FAMILY WARNING! PARENTS READ!There is some racial slang used in the movie, the “n” word. There is also one scene where a performer at the music festival rips open her top and dances bare breasted for maybe 10-15 seconds. These things are not done in the movie to be lewd or crude, remember this is a film documentary of the actual events, there is no script. There is the occasional “damn” and “hell” only quoted here to help you make a decision as a parent or educator. The above two events are the only ones that stick out in my mind. The choice, as always, is yours weather to watch the movie with children present or not. click here to order this great movie!

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