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The Ouija Board: Apparatus for Supernatural Phenomenon

When it comes to the supernatural, there are many tools available in order to interact with spirits, for the hidden energy to be unleashed, to gain answers to some of life’s important questions. Most of the tools are things utilized in movies to communicate with the dead and to open the door to the other side, to blur the line between the living and the dead. Viewers will be able to see the experience, to comprehend the reality related to having to keep in touch with departed loved ones for one last time or to venture to places uncharted for a long time due to multiple reasons. For individuals yearning for an interesting boredom buster, then supernatural movies is the closest alternative to relieve the experience.

There are candles, ritualistic beads and talismans, letter dice, spiritual amulets and even technological equipment designed to sense such spirits. But also, boards are available for close communication with the spirits. One example is the spirit board, a rectangular board present with a series of numbers and letters, together with the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. To indicate on what the soul is insinuating about, the planchette is included, usually shaped like an inverted heart with a circular magnifying glass. The planchette acts as the medium of communication for participants of the ritual to read what the words, though the letters are numbers are spelled out one by one.

Catapulting to Popularity

Though it has been initially constructed as a parlor game at first, the purpose shifted to become a tool for seance rituals since World War I. Thus, the board has been sold specifically for that purpose ever since, together with a set of rules for good communication with the dead. Plus, ever since the commercialization, the board has undergone several renditions, together with the planchette taking on several shapes in accordance with the laws of the paranormal. There are multiple seances conducted as a way to converse with the dead, using the spirit board as the instrument together with the planchette as the preferred medium.

It has been featured in many horror movies, even those that can be sought by those who watch movies online. One example is the Ouija series, with the first movie featuring friends seeking answers related to the death of a blond woman. The second movie is a prequel, featuring the family mentioned in the history of the first film and the events that lead to the strange occurrences that catapult the plot. Aside from that, there is the Spanish paranormal film entitled Veronica, based on a real-life story, also featuring the spirit board as the medium to conduct the ritual. The series of events that come after the ritual will be something to keep one glued to the edge of their seats until the movie is over.

Paranormal and Extraordinary

The spirit board has been the subject of various topics related to the paranormal. More importantly, its presence within the supernatural movies entails that it is something that is powerful, unique and interesting. Research is vital to understanding how it works, as it is more than just a toy to be played with. It is an object of desire, of intrigue, of power, something that can be used with proper knowledge and comprehension.

The multitude of horror movies with the spirit board as the main attraction can be available through websites that allow people to watch movies online for easier accessibility, and even to have an interesting movie marathon with friends and family members seeking for something apart from the usual choice of titles, all while enjoying the safety of the precious adobe.